Friday, August 07, 2009

The week has been full. I have been following the news out of Afghanistan, in part because I have friends who have sons who are in country, and in part because this far off country's fate is vital to our nation's fate as well. When I was in college and studying journalism, "Afghanistan" was a synonym for writing about something safe, something so far away that one could safely opine away without running the risk of offending anyone locally. That was indeed a different world. I watch the end of the Newshour on PBS and stand in silent honor as they show the names and photos of those who have recently died in Afghanistan and Iraq. The number of dead U.S. service men and women is rising. Oh, Lord, give us peace. Give peace to your world.

For this Friday, here is a prayer, sung, for the Holy Spirit to be upon this world. Let this bless your day.

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amy said...

Thank you, Erma for the prayers. Hans' FOB is in the Argandab Valley. Nether cell nor internet connections are established there yet since it is a heavy Taliban area, but the rear detachment keep us informed of any combat related injuries in the battalion. No U.S. fatalities, thanks be to God, but there have been combat injures the past few days, so we know that they are actively engaged.

The Army does not prepare soldiers for their own psychological issues when they are actively engaged in killing another human being,so please add their emotional and spiritual well-being in your prayers for peace. We know the devastating effects of PTSD for returning vets, and without appropriate spiritual care, they will have no peace.