Friday, May 21, 2010

For the Record

Arresting people because they are gay or lesbian is wrong.

Sentencing anyone to serve time in prison, especially fourteen years at hard labor, because he or she is in or wishes to be in a relationship with someone of the same gender, is cruel and inhuman punishment.

Not speaking out against such miscarriages of justice is wicked.

Here is the story, reported by the BBC, as it has unfolded in Malawi:

Pray for these two men.
Write the U. S. State Department and encourage Secretary Clinton to use the influence of the United States to free these men.
Support the work of Amnesty International.

Don't just say you love the sinner, even though you hate the sin.
Do something.


Duh-sciple Tim said...

Thanks! I will contact both Secretary of State Clinton and Amnesty International. This is a very dangerous situation for this two men. Peace, Tim

The Rev. Erma Wolf said...

I first heard this story through the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. program "As It Happens." I decided I had to track down what they reported. When I learned that Amnesty International was trying to help, and learned more of what these two men have already been through, I decided I had to bring this situation to the attention of others, as much as my limited blog can do so.